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This is a temporary wiki in which JustLeafy will create new articles that will be later exported to w:c:bloons.

We are planning to add 86 BMC Decoration articles.

If you are willing to help, please try completing the to-do list on the right column.

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  • Complete some tasks from the to-do list: On the right column of the main is the to-do list. The to-do list tells you to do certain tasks that need to be completed. The to-do list will be updated manually when a certain task is done.
  • Send feedback: You can use the comments section of any page and send feedback to improve the article.
  • When you copy and paste a page to the Bloons Wiki: You must re-upload the image to the Bloons Wiki, otherwise, the article will display with the image.
  • This is a temporary wiki, and is not intended to be a separate part of the Bloons Wiki.

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